Friendly Asked Questions

Either drag & drop them into our uploader, or click the Select Files button to select your file. Once the upload is complete, we will issue you a unique URL which you can share with others who can then download the file instantly.

Active files are Hosted Forever. Inactive files are stored for at least 60 days after their last download. You can also delete files manualy if you want with delete file link.

Anything you want. All file types are Allowed. Just keep it legal. UpmyBiT was built with love, to allow everybody to be able to share their files.

There is no limit on uploads and also downloads. You can upload as many files you want but there is a 500 MB max file size limit. We have no restrictions such as a limited number of simultaneous downloads or limited download speed.

No ads and no download timer on our download page. So, your download will be start in no time after you click on download button.

It's very easy (yet we still get asked this a lot). When you've been sent a file URL, simply click the "download" button. Your download will be start in no time.